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About The Road in Back

Jason and Vangie Rodenbeck live in Powder Springs, GA.  They are passionate about old things and giving old things new life.

We’ve been fascinated by finding new uses for old things since we started dating in 2011.  I suppose it had something to do with the fact that we were both entering our 40s, recently divorced, and starting new careers. When we married in 2012, we found ourselves spending every weekend going to antique malls and flea markets, looking for old things we could place around the house.  Always on a budget, we often discovered we couldn’t afford the really expensive things, but surrounded ourselves with the scratch and dent antiques, many of which we would try to breathe new life into.

See our Videos page for a new video of our most recent restoration project.

A cool one we did for a friend.  Just a pretty Christmas decoration. About 4′ wide by 3′ tall.


This was a late-spring project, one for us!  It’s not “rustic,” (it’s new wood, etc.), but it is rough AND practical.  If you’re local, we could probably deliver this for around $225!  (Plants and soil NOT included.)

Below is a project we were commissioned to do: a potting table for some friends.  Truth is…I wanted to keep this one!  But, it helped to know they loved it as much as we did.


This one is a foldable workbench for Vangie to do her painting and lettering.  The desktop folds up (to keep the dog out of the art supplies) and the legs fold in.  The light I added later.  It’s made of an old toaster and has a little toggle switch on one of the back boards of the pallet.  We love this piece (though I got a little sloppy with the polyurethane on the legs).


This was our FIRST SALE!!!



The pictures above are some Christmas signs we’ve done.  A few will be sold, but most will be given to Jason’s mom!!!


The shelf above was made to match Noah’s (Vangie’s son and Jason’s step-son) headboard.  At some point, when I’m not so lazy, I’ll get a pic of that on here, too.  It’s made from an old door (the shelf, not the headboard).

This special sign was a gift for some dear friends.  It now hangs in their prayer20799781_407697926294972_5218924870183404969_n garden!  I love to work with old wood, particularly pallet wood.  It’s usually been beaten up, abused, neglected, and overall treated poorly.  It’s nice to take something like that and make it beautiful.  Vangie does all of our lettering.


This one is still a fairly recent one.  Vangie loves the old Ball and Mason Jars.  They’re pretty inexpensive, if you know where to look.  I [Jason] ran a cord through it, filled it up with black-eyed peas, and created this lamp for her desk.  Now it sits next to the window where she does her reading.



On the right is a wall-hanging we created using an old reclaimed ceiling tile.  We love the contrast of the finished wood with the chipped and worn white paint.  We have magnetic letters for Vangie’s initials which look very nice in the lower corner, as this used to hang in her office.

Below is a collage of many other items hanging around our house.  Check out our “Current Stock” page for items currently available on our Etsy store, or simply click the link in the widget on the right to go directly there!











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