About The Road in Back

20526355_10154837969375382_1613708228013574449_nJason and Vangie Rodenbeck live in Powder Springs, GA.  They are passionate about old things and giving old things new life.

We’ve been fascinated by finding new uses for old things since we started dating in 2011.  I suppose it had something to do with the fact that we were both entering our 40s, recently divorced, and starting new careers. When we married in 2012, we found ourselves spending every weekend going to antique malls and flea markets, looking for old things we could place around the house.  Always on a budget, we often discovered we couldn’t afford the really expensive things, but surrounded ourselves with the scratch and dent antiques, many of which we would try to breathe new life into.

Since then, we’ve discovered a love for repurposing old things and creating new things.  You may have noticed that the name “The Road in Back” is based on our name, “Rodenbeck.”  That’s part of the fun of the name.  The other part is that we like to think of ourselves as something “forgotten” that got rediscovered.  We sometimes feel like an old, beaten-down road in the back of town that no one remembers, but when rediscovered takes you somewhere beautiful and fun.  Giving old items a new use makes us feel purposeful ourselves!

Check out our old projects. above, if you like!  We’ve tried Etsy and even had a booth at an antique mall, but just didn’t have the time to do it right.  Right now we’re liquidating, so if you’re interested in a project like anything you see on our site, contact us through our Commission page!  Check out our Videos page as well!


Jason and Vangie

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