In recent months I’ve been fiddling around with wood carving, specifically working on a set of wood Godly play characters for my wife to teach children’s Bible lessons with.  A friend saw them and asked if I could try a narwhal.  Not sure she thought I’d try something like this, but I gave it my best shot.  This one is sold!

The narwhal is right at 12″ tail to tusk and stands at 7.5″ high.  He’s made of a solid block of butternut wood and sealed with caranuba wax for the pretty sheen.  The tusk and the stand are made of scrap white oak from my yard.  The cool colors on the stand are what happens when you just sand down the bark. Check our Videos page for a brief video on carving it.

I’m having a hard time letting it go!  I may do more projects like this (and will probably add the whole family of Godly play characters when I’m done with them), but if you’re interested in something carved, contact me on the commissions page and talk to me about what you’d like.  I’ll let you know if it’s possible!

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