Reclaimed Wood Bar Bottle Openers

These bottle openers are cool! Made from reclaimed wood, sanded, and stained, they add a touch of rustic class to your bar or party. They can be hung on the wall or stand on your bar, counter, or a table on your deck.

I have two of these right now, with more in production (see pictures). The listing is set up with the assumption that the buyer will want to special-order a customized opener. If you want one of those pictured (or any specific messages listed below), please indicate that in your comments. Those pictured or listed here can be shipped right away (within a couple of days). For special orders, it may take a week or so to complete.

1. “Cheers” message with white opener.
2. “Ice Cold Beer” message with dark opener.

For customized messages, please indicate what you would like it to say–must be just a few words. We can do names (such as “Bill’s Bar,” etc.).

Please message me any questions!

12″ high
5″ deep
6.25″ wide

Shop for these on our Etsy store here.

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