Mixed Fuel Gas Can Pump Lamp–SOLD!

This is one of my favorite of our pieces. It’s made of a gas can, a gas pump handle, and pallet wood.

Normally, when it comes to these old cans, red stripes indicate a gasoline can and blue stripes indicate a kerosene can. Green usually indicates a mixed fuel.

This lamp gives the impression of a can being filled at an old gas station. The lid has been set behind the can, and the toggle switch is mounted on top. The only difference in the image is that the lid is now held down by two accent screws for security. A mason jar lid hides the cord underneath.

This lamp is uber cool if you’re into petroliana and/or accent lamps. If I didn’t have so much in it and need to recover some of it, I’d probably keep it myself!

Cool, unique, and warm!

19″ tall
15″ deep
12″ wide

Shop for this item on our Etsy store here!

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